Custom Printed Balloons

Custom printed balloons are a great way to get your message across. They are one of the best tools for advertising, not to mention one of the least expensive. Custom printed balloons are walking billboards with a special message.

Decoration, Entertainment and Advertising

Custom printed balloons are great not only for children’s birthday parties, but also for special occasions like bar and bat mitzvahs, banquets, anniversaries, Valentine’s, Halloween, 4th of July, birth announcements, baby showers, christenings, weddings, graduations, proms, retirement celebrations, fund-raisers, trade shows, grand openings, real estate events, promotions, car shows, restaurant launch events and gift-giving holidays.

Decoration Ideas

Custom printed balloons can be formed into cloud ceilings, curls, floating balloons, arches and columns. Other custom printed pictures of balloons include: table bouquets, floor bouquets, garlands, topiary trees, topiary balls, sculptures, arches, logos, themed-prints, and different shapes and sizes. Balloon decorating is like flower arrangement. Balloons attached to varying-sized sticks and formed in bunches give a great effect.

Custom Printed Photo Balloons

Show your love by ordering custom printed balloons with photos. Add that special touch by including pictures of the celebrator or the family. Your celebrator will surely never forget your thoughtfulness.


Ordering your custom printed balloons is easy. Pick a company from the Internet, and then scan and email your preferred design to them. Some companies even have an integrated balloon design computer application to make designing easy for you. Such companies also have representatives who will guide you in the process.

Other Things to Consider

Other things to consider for your custom printed balloons are size (10 or 12 inches), shape (round, heart or star), color, material (latex or foil/mylar) and accessories. You can choose to tie your balloons with colored curly ribbons or metallic curly ribbons to make them extra special.

Custom printed balloons are done by screen-printing and are shipped uninflated. You can choose to either inflate them with a hand pump, or a compressor with helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide or air. Helium is the most popular.

Tie them to a tree or tie them to a lamp post; tie them in ones or twos or tie them by threes. Custom printed balloons are the colorful, whimsical and attention-getting way to get your message across and celebrate an occasion. Don’t just “tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree.” Go tie a yellow balloon there, too.

To make the occasion extra special, order a bunch of custom printed balloons. Add a little color, get varying sizes, make them float in the air or down on the floor, form them in arches or a Greek statue. Get metallic balloons or plain balloons with your name splashed across, or with pictures of your granny or doggie or both.